8 Hottest Pornstars You Should Follow

You will see hundreds of models in solo or group act when you search through our top pornstars archives. The list might be hopelessly long for keeping track of all the gorgeous beauties. However, we have identified 8 of the hottest pornstars that you should follow. What unites these models is their insanely gorgeous bodies, wild acts, and willingness to bare it all in front of the camera.

Number 1 among hottest pornstars – Andrea Kelly

andrea kelly nude model pornstar photo
Andrea Kelly

Unlike your regular models that love to keep their pussy bald, Andrea Kelly has no problem showing off a stash of beautiful black hair. You will mostly find her in interracial lesbian acts. Kelly has beautiful round boobs that are worth dying for. When it is time for action, she will thrill you with exotic toys, and her soft moans will take you to cloud nine.

Number 2 among hottest pornstars – Angel Allwood

Angel Allwood nude blonde pornstar
Angel Allwood

Angel Allwood needs no introduction. She is one of the hottest pornstars, who believes that the more the girls, the merrier the fun. In a group of girls, you can spot her easily because of her distinctive blonde hair. The best description for her is a wild Angel because she can string acts that will make your knees to buckle.

Hottest pornstars – place no. 3 – Barbara Summer

Barbara Summer nude blonde pornstar photo
Barbara Summer

Nobody knows how to lick ass better than Barbara Summer. Call her the queen of anal acts, and you won’t be wrong. The way she twirls her tongue around that crack and creams it with saliva is simply adorable. Search through our lesbian pornstar video archives and find her thrilling videos.

4. Beauty Dior

Beauty Dior

It is almost impossible to find a list of the best lesbian videos online without and act from Beauty Dior. She is one of the hottest and prettiest models, and her acts include solo, group, and orgy scenes. Her sexy body and pink pussy always spin heads.

5. Candice Michelle

Candice Michelle top nude pornstar photo
Candice Michelle

If you watch WWE, you probably know Candice Michelle already. She is bold, funny and never shy to show off her sexy body. When it comes to lesbian acts, Michelle is submissive. She’ll let you do with her whatever you want.

6. Cameron Canela

Cameron Canela is among the hottest pornstars with tiny tits
Cameron Canela

Cameron Canela sets no limit to the kind of fun you can have with her. She is up for anything, be it anal fucking or vaginal play. If you think that her smooth, slim body is inviting, wait till you hear her soft moan and sensual moves.

7. Danica Dillon

Danisa Dillon is one of the hottest pornstars at the moment

If you love hot models with huge tits, falling in love with Danica Dillon will be really easy. She flaunts them in front of the camera in a seductive way. She is generous with her tits too and will always let other girls have a taste while she squirms in pleasure.

8. Dani Jensen

Dani Jensen is one of hottest redhead pornstars
Dani Jensen

Dani Jensen is one of the petite models that you can mistake for a schoolgirl when she dresses as such. Her blond hair is unmistakable, and she is really good at licking pussy. Count 50 best lesbian videos online with hottest pornstars and hers must be one of them.