Why are we making Nude Babe Tube – the best lesbian sex video site?

Many people are asking us “Why are you making this site?” or “Aren’t there enough porn sites on the web already?”. And our answer is “no”. Or actually, there are many porn sites but a huge number of these sites try to provide a “one size fits all” solution and end up being “a jack of all trades… but a master of none”. We don’t want to be jacks of all trade. We only love naked women and we HATE looking at penises.

We want to show you the best lesbian videos online and the hottest solo girl nude videos, mix it up with some hot hidden camera clips and that’s it. If that sounds like something you might enjoy, continue browsing our site and we guarantee that it will not be wasted time!

But what is it about lesbian sex that makes it so heavenly for women to experience and for both, men and women, to watch?

Is lesbian sex more enjoyable for women than the sexual encounters of straight ladies?

Many studies have proved that the answer is a firm ‘yes’. Ladies, who frequently have sex with other women, experience elevated levels of sexual fulfillment compared to women who engage in sexual relations with men.

According to several studies, about half of the women in their twenties or thirties do not particularly enjoy their sex life. And among older women the percentage of women having good sex life is even lower.

But earlier studies have also shown that women who have sex with other women are probably more likely to be in the half that did not report sexual dissatisfaction. A study performed several years ago by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that lesbian women experience orgasm during 75% of their sexual intercourses, while among heterosexuals the rate is only 61%.

Another, larger study, completed in 2017 among more than fifty thousand American women showed a bit different numbers but relatively similar trends. That study reported that lesbians reached orgasm during about 90% of their intercourses, while straight women only orgasmed during approximately 70% of intercourses.

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Lesbian sex and lesbian love offers something that straight sex can not offer

Why is lesbian sex so much better than straight sex?

So, where is lesbian sex going right for women? Or where is heterosexual sex going wrong? It’s really quite simple. Lesbian girls know where their most pleasurable points (clitoris and g-sport) are and they also know what to do in those points to reach an orgasm. They don’t need to show each other what to do, they know their bodies, and thereby achieve higher sexual satisfaction.

Of course, anyone having their first lesbian experience has a lot to learn, but a woman still knows woman’s anatomy better than a man and can therefore offer high satisfaction even the very first time.

But it is not just about getting satisfaction from the act of sex. Lesbian women are also better at listening and communicating and can offer each other the type of love and care that men sometimes can not. Lesbian women also develop a really strong emotional bond.

Why women love having lesbian sex?

A woman having sex with another woman experiences something that is completely mind-blowing. The mix of love, care, ecstasy and pleasure is something that straight couples often do not experience.

And then there are of course several “biological factors”. When guys cum, they need a period to restore their “assets”. However, women can have many orgasms in a row. The tiny-looking clitoris has thousands of small nerve endings and all of these have one single purpose – to give pleasure. Another important aspect is the duration – women’s orgasms last almost half minute, men have to be satisfied with less than 10 seconds.

But still, the most important reason, why lesbian sex is so much better is that women understand each others’ bodies, they communicate better with each other and know, which points of the body need more focus.

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