Top 5 Lesbian Sex Tricks To Try Out With Your Partner

The best way to learn some amazing lesbian sex tricks is watching vintage solo porn videos. Newer porn videos are usually too short to explore some of these amazing tricks. It’s not really the fault of the directors or models. The world is rapidly embracing minimalism. Therefore, newer videos have to be as brief as possible to attract an audience. Still, you deserve to know these tricks. We bring you 5 of the best lesbian sex tricks to try with your partner.

Top lesbian sex tricks #1. It’s OK to have a rich hair

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Hairy pussy babe

In lesbian celebrity porn, it is always portrayed that girls need to have clean-shaven pussy to enjoy sex. Well, that is not true. It is totally fine to have a little tuft of hair down there—as long as everything is clean and fresh. In fact, one of the best tricks you should try with your partner involves gently tugging on the pussy hair. Communicate with your partner to know their level of pain tolerance to avoid going overboard. Some describe sex as a painful pleasure—and that is the aim of hair tugging.

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Top lesbian sex tricks #2. Put your entire mouth to work, not just your tongue

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It has become almost normalized that oral sex involves only the tongue. From America to the best Asian teen lesbian videos, the expression is the same. However, that is not true. Great oral sex involves the entire mouth. You need to lick, suck, bite, and blow on both the clitoris, vulva and inner thighs. The erogenous zones are critical to overall satisfaction. Sadly, they are often ignored.

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Top lesbian sex tricks #3. Locate the G-Spot

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G-spot stimulation is one of the best a woman can ever have. In fact, right G-spot stimulation can lead to squirting. Unfortunately, a whole lot of girls never get the privilege of experiencing this intense feeling in their entire life. Slide in two fingers and curve them into a hook. Try to locate the g-spot and then apply pressure on it as you thrust. Don’t forget to use lots and lots of lubrication.

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Top lesbian sex tricks #4. Double end dildo action

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Scissoring is the best position for girl play. It allows you and your partner to grind your pussy over each other, smearing both your pussies and thighs with slimy juice. You can add more fun to this experience using double ended dildo. It allows both of you to thrust into each other at the same time. It almost feels like fucking yourself and having someone else fuck you at the same time.

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Top lesbian sex tricks #5. End with a generous cuddle

The end of amazing sex should be as good as the start. This is a lesson you will likely not learn from the best lesbian videos online. After both of you must have blown your load, treat yourselves to a generous cuddle with hands cupping the breasts or the pussy. Let the emotion sink in as you both drift into unconsciousness.

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