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Whether you are old or new, there is the possibility that you may have a question or two about our adult tube. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions because we will love to hear and provide answers to them. Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions than the ones listed here, feel free to send them to us at info [at] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Most of our videos feature ordinary women but we also have several videos with famous pornstars and many other celebrities. However, there are a few categories that do not contain any videos with “ordinary women”, such as “PORNSTARS in free lesbian and solo porn action” or “CELEBRITIES in nude lesbian and solo videos”. Also, there are two categories that do not contain any videos with celebrities or pornstars and these categories are “HIDDEN CAM lesbian and solo porn videos” and “PUBLIC NUDITY videos with lesbians and solo girls”

If the lesbian or solo porn video you clicked on is not playing, please check your browser security settings. If your browser is saying it is blocking scripts on our site, you need to disable that protection to view our videos.

There are several ways to find your favourite lesbian videos or solo girl nude videos on Nude Babe Tube. You can click on your favourite category on the left sidebar, you can look for tags that look interesting, you may use the search field in the top right corner and you may also open our Categories page and choose your favourite category.

The best way you can help is just watching the videos, spreading the word about our lesbian and solo girl and if you see some videos that shouldn’t be on this site (videos with naked guy(s)), send us the links to info at nudebabetube com and we will take these videos down

I started with this site because I was fed up of these “one size fits all” sites that try to please everybody but often end up like some bad salad that has all the great components but doesn’t taste very good. On this site you will always find only lesbian or solo girls and women.

However, I must admit that the server hosting costs money… So if you like the nude girl videos that you see on my site, I would be happy, if you clicked on the Donate button in the upper right corner and chose the amount you think my work is worth.

I love only girl videos and lesbian videos where girls express their sexuality in the wildest ways possible. For now I want to keep it that way. However, if in the future, I consider creating another website dedicated to guys alone, I will surely let my viewers know.

The quality of your Internet coverage is what determines how long it will take for a video to buffer. If you have a strong Internet reception, buffering should only take a few seconds. When the video takes a lot of time to buffer it can mar the pleasure you get from watching the best lesbian videos or the best solo girl videos.

You can reboot your router or refresh your network to try to correct a network lag. If it persists, you can switch your Internet provider. If you are using a Wi-Fi, you can adjust your distance to the router or look for another router with a stronger signal. Alternatively, there are a few browsers that allow you to lower the video quality. This can cause the lesbian videos to become blurry, and it will also lower the buffering time.

This happens all the time. If you are in a place where it is not convenient to watch pornography but stumbled on lesbian videos or solo girl videos which you would want to watch later, there are two things that you can do. The first would be to bookmark the video. When it is convenient, you can open the bookmark and watch the video. The second thing you could do is to note the title of the video and try to find it using the search bar. However, in the latter option, the search result may also display several other videos with related names.

No, all the lesbian and only girl videos on this website are not owned by Nude Babe Tube. Third parties provide most of the videos. Therefore, I cannot take responsibility for the content of these videos. I also strongly advise that you use your discretion when you click on links to third party websites.

You will not be asked to pay to watch pictures or lesbian videos. All you need to be able to watch videos is a computer with a decent internet connection and a wish to have a great time!

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