10 Best Solo Sex Toys In 2020

The best way to have fun is often through solo pleasure—and you need a good sex toy for an optimal experience. The more toys you can get the more ways you can play with yourself. Interestingly, there is a growing pile of sex toys as well as the number of places where you can get them. Now, let’s have a look at the best solo toys in 2020.

#1. Remote controlled vibrators are the best sex toys

remote controlled vibrator

Just like the name suggests, these vibrators come with remote controls that allow you to change the speed and rhythm of the vibrators. Just insert them into the vagina and flick on the remote for a mind-blowing pulsating experience. You will find horny lesbians making use of this when you search chaturbate archives.

Check out this video to see remote controlled vibrators in action.

#2. Vaginal pump – amazing sex toy for solo fun

blonde babe plays with pussy pump

If you haven’t tried the vaginal pump before then, you are missing out on a whole lot. These pumps work using a vacuum process to suck on the vagina, causing the vulva to become engorged. It makes the vulva more sensitive to touch and sensual to the sight.

Click here to see how a vaginal pump is used.

#3. Butt plug is a painful but pleasurable sex toy

butt plug is the best sex toy for solo anal pleasure
Butt plug in nice round ass

Lovers of anal play have a plethora of toys to choose from. Butt plug (or anal plug) set usually comes in three sizes allowing you to work your way from the smallest to the largest so as not to cause you severe pain. There are also hundreds of lesbian celebrity porn videos showcasing anal play.

See one of our favorite anal plug videos here.

#4. Breast pump

Wishing you had fuller boobs? With breast pumps, you can temporarily make your breasts to look bigger. This is one of the fun ways you can play with yourself.

See a horny MILF getting pleasure from a breast pump HERE

#5. Nipple clamps – sex toys that offer torture and extasy at the same time

The nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of the female body, and putting some weight on them will deliver pulsating waves of pleasure pain. Add a bit of electric shock to it, and you are on trial to multiple orgasms.

Click here to see nipple clamps in practice

#6. Dildo – sex toy that replaces your husband

Dildos are false penises, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Pick your favorite from any sex toy shop pound your vagina to orgasm. The best lesbian videos online always have a bit of dildoing.

#7. Clitoris massager

These discrete toys are specifically designed for the clitoris. They fit snuggly on the button-shaped organ and deliver sensational massage experience. Bet you can’t stand the heat for too long.

Click here to see one of our favorite videos of a girl using clitoris massager

#8. Bullet heated vibrator

Turn the heat up using heated bullet vibrators. These vibrators can heat up to body temperature so that when you push them into your vagina, the feeling is almost natural. At our solo girls chat sites, you can see many horny babes reaching orgasm with their vibrators.


#9. App-controlled vibes

Distance will no longer be a barrier between you and your lover. These vibes pair with apps on a smartphone, allowing you to control them from any part of the world. This toy is especially popular among webcam chat models

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#10. Lubricant

The vagina delivers more when it is wet. It’s almost hard to have fun with toys without proper lubrication. There are lots of lubricants out there. Just grab one and glide your way to orgasm.

Click here to see Keisha and Karlee demonstrate it for you!