5 Lesbian Tricks I Learned From Practice

I can bet that I have seen three-quarter of all the videos on chaturbate archives. Throughout these years, I bragged that I was a pro in lesbian sex because of the amount of experience I thought I had garnered from watching the best lesbian videos online. However, when I started traveling and mingling with other lesbians, I discovered that they can teach me such lesbian tricks, which I would never had been able to learn from videos.

These lesbian tricks are right there in front of you, but they are not often emphasized such that you can easily miss them. I couldn’t help but marvel at the intense feeling I got from these tricks. Today, I would like to share those tricks with you as well as give you a hint to how they made me feel. You would agree with me that feelings are hard to describe with words. Nevertheless, I hope I would be able to do justice to this in a way that will move you to try something different too.

Number 1 of top lesbian tricks: Foreplay should never be rushed (Aryanna)

Foreplay is one of the most important and most overlooked lesbian tricks
The importance of foreplay cannot be overestimated

Most of free lesbian videos available on the web only last for about 10 minutes. However, foreplay alone should gulp that time—if not more. Foreplay is like the foundation. Good foreplay builds the tempo and gets the vagina warm and wet in anticipation for what comes next. Take your time to explore each other’s bodies in full—not just the clits and nipples. Cover your bodies with kisses and break up the heat by locking your lips in a deep passionate kiss. I learned this from my friend Aryanna.

When you explore lesbian celebrity porn, the first thing that you will probably notice is that all the models have cleanly shaven pussies. For a long time, I struggled to keep mine that way. However, Aryanna made me understand that it was OK to have a stash of hair down there. Hers was clean and oiled, and she made me pull on them during foreplay. When I started growing my own hair and have my partner tug at them, I realized how exciting it could be. Each tug shot pulsating waves of pain and pleasure through my spine and up my brain. You should try that out too.

Top lesbian tricks. Trick number 2. Oral goes beyond using the tongue (Diamond)

Lesbian girls enjoying
Lesbian oral sex offers indescribable enjoyment

I have a fascination for vintage solo porn videos. Watching these videos, I enjoyed the way the girls swirl their tongues around the vulva and clitoris until their partner curves their toes in excitement. Learning this was pretty easy. Within a short time, I could pull incredible moves with my partner, and she could never get enough of me. However, when I met Diamond, she made me understand that there was so much more for me to learn.

The first time I spread my legs for Diamond, it was difficult for me to keep my mouth shut. She tugged on my hair with her lips, blew warm air on my pussy and licked my inner thigh. The combination of these moves gave me multiple orgasms. At the end of it all, I was drained of energy. However, the moment I had rested, I begged her to go again. Seeing her entire mouth covered with my juice made me hornier.

Lesbian trick no. 3. Vibrators are the best toys (Eva)

When used the right way vibrator play can be one of the most efficient lesbian tricks
Lesbian girls playing with vibrator

There are lots of toys out there for anyone to explore. However, dildos are mostly used in Asian teen lesbian porn videos. I started out using dildos of varying sizes, and I must confess that I really loved them. But, it was Eva that introduced me to the world of vibrators—and that changed everything. It’s really hard trying to explain the feeling that I got the first time that Eva inserted a vibrator in me.

Like every other toy, I will suggest that you get your vibrator lubricated before trying it out. Even though I was already wet from the kissing and fondling, however, Eva still applied a generous amount of lubrication on the vibrator before gliding it into my pussy. Every now and then, she pulled it out and let press it on my clitoris allowing the tingling sensation to overwhelm me from the inside to the outside. That was my initiation into becoming a vibe addict.

Lesbian trick no. 4. Hit the G-spot and make her squirt (Gabriella)

5 Lesbian Tricks I Learned From Practice, Nude Babe Tube
Squirting is the result of effective g-sport stimulation

All girls are not created equal, but a right G-spot stimulation is most likely to make any girl squirt. Sadly, most girls don’t get the privilege of experiencing this intense feeling all their lives. I had my first squirting experience when I met Gabriella. Gab, as I fondly call her, is skinny and skillful but on the outside, she looked so innocent. Behind closed doors, she turns wild and can teach you the most amazing lesbian tricks.

We had become tipsy from drinking when she started fondling with my breasts. We were entangled in foreplay that lasted for over 30 minutes. She slid two fingers into my wet pussy and located my G-spot. She worked magic with both fingers, thrusting in and out until I began to squirt. The spasm was uncontrollable and left me completely helpless.

5. End on a high note (Tasha)

When you watch lesbian celebrity porn videos, they always end abruptly, but Tasha taught me that there is more to great lesbian sex than just the grinding and fondling. We had reached our climax after grinding our pussies on each other. I was about to get up when she pulled me back and held me. I could still feel the warmth of her breast on my back. She cupped my breast from behind until we were both asleep.

Experience is always the best teacher

There is a lot you can learn with your eyes, but there even more lesbian tricks that you can learn when you get directly involved in the action. Once in a while, step out and meet friends or hook up with a random stranger. Some experiences can never be captured perfectly in words. No matter how much people talk about them, you will find it difficult to understand unless you experience them yourself.